1. Peranakan Cookies  プラナカンクッキー



Delicious Peranakan Cookies stored in a specially designed box, made in the image of the traditional Peranakan houses. Small windows revealing hidden character, specifically the girl dressed in Peranakan costume, is uniquely made and is perfect as gifts for friends and family alike. The Peranakan Cookies is one of the most well-loved snacks by our customers here at Melissa Zakka.

18 Individual Packs/Box @ S$6.50. Taste delicious, with cute package design. Definitely one of the best cost performance snack that you can find here!

2. Kamcheng Small Dish カムチェン小皿セット(2枚入り)


A colorful small dish that is originally designed for Japanese sweets and accesories etc. The Kamcheng Pot is perfectly replicated onto each small dish, making them look authentic, yet at the same time mesmerizing. The colors of the dishes “pop”, making them attractive as gifts or souvenirs.

3. Merlion Incense Stand with Corn Incense マーライオンインセンススタンド(コーンインセンス8個入り)


One of the most unique development by Melissa Zakka, where smoke actually comes out of the Merlion’s mouth, in place of water. You can visit our YouTube channel to view the video demo or, head down to our store as we display them for our customers daily. Many customers have found our Merlion Incense Stand to be fun and exciting to watch.

4. Merlion Pineapple Cookies マーライオンパイナップルクッキー


Our delicious and mouth-watering Pineapple Jam Cookies in the shape of the Merlion. Each cookie is stuffed with a satisfying amount of Pineapple Jam amidst the cookie dough. The cookies are loved by many customers since we started selling them in July 2019. The virtual design of Melissa Zakka’s cafe with the Merlion (cookie), taking it’s tea break is simply adorable! We have them available for tasting at our store, and many say that it’s just too good!

5. Peranakan Hand Cream プラナカンハンドクリーム全8種


At Melissa Zakka, we have many beauty products that are mostly made out of natural ingredients however, we would particularly like to recommend our Peranakan Hand Cream. They are great for moisturizing skin due to the ingredients and, they are not sticky after applying. We have 8 different flavors available but the popular ones are our Lemongrass, Passionfruit and Mango. These hand creams certainly carry a light and refreshing scent!

6. Merlion Massage Stick マーライオン足つぼマッサージ棒


The famous and iconic Merlion Massage Stick of Melissa Zakka. This particular product has received much love from countless customers, regardless of age or gender. An explanation sheet that provides detailed information on possible areas to use the massage stick is also included.

7. Peranakan Embroidery Pouch プラナカン刺繍巾着


In comparison to the commonly found Batik Embroidery Pouch, ours are specially designed with the following motifs: Peranakan Spoon, Cup, Tingkat (3pcs), KamCheng, Tingkat & Kueh, that would be able to better represent Singapore. We often get customers who ponder which designs to choose from however, it is always pleasing to hear them praise our unique design.

8. Sugoroku Game すごろくゲーム


Our one and only Sugoroku (Board) Game that is created with the purpose of introducing Singapore to tourist, yet encouraging family bonding. This board game was developed through many trials, with the help and ideas of Melissa Zakka’s staff hence, it is one of the most accomplishing product for us. We are currently renewing the packaging to give it a new look! Also, an English version would be coming soon too!

9. Memo Pad メモパッド


One of Melissa Zakka’s top sellers! It has been over 10 years since the release and this particular product has received much support from our fellow customers. Till now, we continue to produce attractive designs for our customers to choose from. There are currently a total of 15 designs available. Every design is made to showcase the beautiful scenery and culture of Singapore which makes them the perfect souvenir to get!

10. Merlion Balm マーライオンバーム


A solid balm that helps to refresh tiredness, with deodorant effects. The mixture of lemongrass and peppermint gives a light aromatic fragrance. Shea Butter is also included as an ingredient, which helps to moisturize skin. A product that we would certainly want our customers to try!

11. Making Tape マスキングテープ


Our cutely designed masking tape featuring Singapore is fancied by many tourist. Not only can you use them on your notebooks as added designs but, for any interior usage as well. This year, Melissa Zakka has started our collaboration with Creative Yoko to produce the adorable, Sirotan x Merlion masking tapes too!

12. Peranakan Beauty Set プラナカンビューティーセット

女性にピッタリのビューティーセット。 あぶらとり紙、ココナッツ石鹸、爪やすり 、更に日本でも人気の【エリプスヘアオイル】 が入っているギフトセット。”貰って嬉しい、使って楽しい”をお客様に提供するのがメリッサ雑貨の考え方で、プラナカンビューティーセットは正にその自慢の一つです。

A beauty set that is perfect as gifts for any ladies! Within the set comes with, oil paper, coconut soup, nail polish and the well-known “ellips hair oil”. We hope that our customers are happy to receive and use the items that they get from our shop, and we are glad that this is one product that meets our aim.

13. Mango Choco Dip マンゴーチョコディップ

南国の果物、マンゴーがどろどろの美味しいチョコレートに包まれて美味しい~!フルーティーな香りに、本物のマンゴーとほぼ近い味にしているため、食べて夏の雰囲気を口の中に実感できます。 チョコのビターさも程よくマンゴの甘さと混ざり合って、幾ら食べても飽きれないテイストになっております。

Mango, a tropical fruit, wrapped in chocolate is simply sweet and delicious! The fruity taste of the this snack is similar to that of the real mango, which brings the summer sensation to your taste buds. The slight bitterness mixed with the sweetness of the mango balances well which makes you want to have more!

14. T-Shirt Tシャツ


Since the release in September this year, our T-Shirts are loved by many of our customers. They are made with top quality soft cotton, which is comfortable and the designs are stylish to wear. We have them in sizes that fit for both men and women. Not to mention, 2XL & 3XL sizes too.

15. Golf Marker ゴルフマーカー

ゴルファーの皆様にオススメのメリッサ雑貨オリジナルゴルフマーカー。 シルバー色で縁取られて、スタイリッシュの上に、高級感のあるデザインになっております。安心で、落ち着いてプレー頂ける、お守り的なマーカーとしてお使い頂ければ嬉しいです。1セットにゴルフマーカーとオーバルベースが含まれております。

Our golf marker that we certainly recommend to any golfers out there! The silver plating makes the badge stylish and trendy. We made them in hopes that they will aid our customers better as they enjoy their golfing. Each set comes with a gold marker and oval base.

16. Peranakan Embroidery Tote Bag プラナカン刺繍トートバッグ


One of our pride and joy among the bags that are sold here at Melissa. Our Peranakan Embroidered Tote Bag has the batik sewed on the inside of a canvas material bag. This product limited only here at Melissa. There are a total of 4 different Peranakan Motif with 4 colors to choose from.

17. Peranakan Embroidery Pouch (S)  プラナカン刺繍巾着 (S)

メリッサ定番と言われるプラナカン刺繍巾着。ぞれぞれのプラナカンモチーフをカラフルのコットン巾着袋に刺繍しており、とても可愛く見えます。 結び紐の先 に付いている 木製の小さなボタンが 注目してほしいところでもあります。多くの来客に求められている一品で、皆様にもおススメの商品です!

The Peranakan Embroidery Pouch, a classic of Melissa. Every individual Peranakan Motif is beautifully sewed onto different colorful pouches. The bead that is placed on the tip of each string is one of the highlight of this pouch too! Many customers grab them as souvenirs when they visit us and we highly recommend them to you too!

18. Chili Prawn Roll チリープロウンロール

サクサクでちょっぴり辛い! シンガポールでは人気のあるスナックです!春巻きの中にピリ辛のエビが入っております。お酒のおつまみには勿論、 お腹が空いた時にスナックとして食べして頂けます。お子様から大人まで、一旦食べ始めたら、中々止まりませんような美味しさです。自分で食べるのは勿論、お土産にもおススメの一品です!

Crispy and a little spicy! A popular snack in Singapore! Spicy prawn filling within the crispy fried skin on the outside. Best taken with beer or have them as snacks when to fill your tummy! This snack is delicious that adults and children alike cannot resist having another bite after tasting them. We recommend them as gifts and snacks for yourself too!

19. Salted Egg Fish Skin フィッシュスキン

サクサクで美味しい!シンガポールに人気のあるお菓子をメリッサ雑貨が日本人の好みに合わせて開発しました。 着色料や化学調味料を使用おらず、さかな臭くないように調整して、 塩分や唐辛子は控えめにしており、ヘルシーでお子様でも食して頂ける程になっております。

Crispy and delicious! The popular snack in Singapore with Melissa’s very own special recipe to fit the taste bud of the Japanese. No addictive or preservative used. We have reduced the fishiness, saltiness and spiciness of this snack, making this a healthier choice and would also fit the taste bud of children.

20. Merlion Almond Chocolate マーライオンミルクチョコレート(アーモンド入り)

お土産としての定番品!マーライオンの形をした濃厚なチョコレートにカリッとアーモンド入りが甘くて美味しいです。 味には拘り本物のカカオを使用しております。カカオの割合等を調整して、サンプルを何度も賞味してから完成した商品。 個包装でとても配りやすいです。

The perfect gift to grab as a souvenir! The rich milk chocolate with almond on the inside is simply sweet and delicious! Authentic cacao is used to ensure the taste of the chocolate. The appropriate amount of cacao is added after the numerous tasting by Melissa’s staff. The chocolates are packed individually within each box which allows you to share them with someone else too.